27 Jul 2012

Olympics & Paralympics Rally No.2

Olympics & Paralympics Rally No.1

London Olympics and Paralympics Rally

So, today is the opening ceremony of the London Olympics 2012! Some people don't give a damn about Olympics or Paralympics I know, but sport is great subject which always will be around for us designers and illustrators. I've seen so much great art inspired by this event and why don't you share your art with us? You can send us your submission directly to our email address to be featured on the blog, alternatively you can post it on our facebook page as some people may find it easier. Below are our submission guidelines and I'm looking forward to seeing your sport spirited works!

Submission Guidelines 
  • Please send us low res jpegs.
  • You can submit as many of your works as you like.
  • Your submissions don't need to be created for us, both new and old work is welcome!
  • Send us your artist name and the links to your portfolio and SNS sites.
  • Send us your twitter name if you have one, so I can promote you on twitter effectively.
  • Deadline is the closing date of the Paralympics, 5PM Sunday the 9th September.
  • Please send your work to illustrationrally[at]hotmail.co.uk with the title "Olympics/Paralympics cover Rally Submission" or post here,  http://www.facebook.com/IllustrationRally.

Album Cover Rally No.31

Artist: Feeder
Album:Comfort In Sound 

This rally is closed for submissions.

26 Jul 2012

Feature: Pins By Lydra

Have a really great feature now, on Pins by Lydra by the amazing Linda Vydra where fashion meets illustration and everyone wins. Linda Vydra has a great concept where She collaborates with artists to put art on legs, leggings to be more precise, and you can get involved too. The collaborations are truly breathtaking and the designs are pin sharp. It's a really wonderful project with some great aspirations and some really talented collaborators. She is a force to be reckoned with so please take the time to read about Linda and her amazing project here.

Who are you?
I am Linda Vydra the designer behind Lydra and Pins By Lydra. I originally studied advertising and worked in the industry for 9mnths. I found that it didn't fulfil my passion for what I was wanting to do, so I went back and studied fashion design. Whilst studying I started making purses and selling them on Facebook and I guess it just grew from there.

How did you start Pins By Lydra?
I had a fashion parade about 2 years ago and it was definitely the beginning of Pins By Lydra. I made leggings to suit my outfits and it just got me really excited about the idea of using your legs as a canvas for art. I received a lot of compliments from people and finally got around to launching the label. It's been fantastic collaborating with artists and putting their artwork onto leggings. Each artist makes a commission of each pair of leggings and you can apply to become involved online here.

What is the plan for future?
To continue diversifying and growing. I recently received a grant for $30,000 from the City of Melbourne. The grant is to start a Creative Hub in the City of Melbourne. Designers will be able to come and use our services, laser cutting machine, a digital fabric printer and hire out sewing machines. I really like the idea of diversifying and growing the business.

What is your manifesto?
To continue making Australian made products by members from the local community. To foster continuing relationship with other artists and to continue being creative everyday.

How to submit to Pins By Lydra

20 Jul 2012

Artist 142: Paulina Suarez Vazquez

Hot on the heels of our last artist feature we have another great illustrator now with the wonderfully fantastical work of Paulina Suarez Vasquez. Paulina produces some excellent light touch illustrations with a great line quality and imaginative subjects. A Roald Dahl like quality gives her work a gentleness of tone despite the intense fantasy subjects. Her work is highly successful due to great choices in palette that give a depth to her mythical subjects and also a transparent quality that gives her work a real otherness that setting her apart from the rest. Paulina creates great fantasy scenes and her style is definitely both strong and memorable. It is great to see that not only does she have a good eye for composition but her mechanical skill with drawing is also strong enough to bend the rules but keep her work cogent and legible. She does have a really bright future ahead of her and with such an individual style I'm sure she will go from strength to strength. It's a real pleasure to introduce Paulina Suarez Vazquez!

Who are you:
Born and raised in México, I am a restless artist and travel addict. I am surely obsessed with drawing and I like to party from now and then.

What do you do:
Currently I am a freelance illustrator who keeps on exploring mediums and techniques (mostly printmaking)

Personal statement:
Ever since I was a kid I couldn’t help the urgent impulse to recreate and draw all I saw, whether it was nature, cartoon characters, animals or abstract shapes. The works that I produce are a blueprint of my mind and thought process. The topics I represent in my artwork are based off nature, a pure recollection of all the things I’ve seen filtered through the lense of a fantastic Universe. The artwork I have developed focuses on a friendly style combined with a colorful language and endless imagination.


18 Jul 2012

Artist 141: Danielle Lovett

It's been a while, but as our favorite thing is promoting great artists so it's a real treat for us to have the superb Danielle Lovett who brings us her fresh sharp patterns constructed from a plethora of found images with a great eye for their construction and placement. Danielle has a real strong sense of how many elements are needed to make a pattern that is both visually appealing but not overwhelming. the main thing about pattern design is that it is an exercise in balance. One that Danielle does really well in. Screenprint is a really lovely thing and we are always happy to see it done well and this is one of the things that sets Danielle out from the rest as a good finish and a sharp rendition can make all the difference. Danielle has a strong sense of style, her wok is very current and with her eye for a good shape or interesting nick-knack her work will only get stronger with time. Wishing her all the very best of luck in the future, it's the fab Danielle Lovett.
Who are you:
Danielle Lovett, a freelance illustrator/screenprint artist, based in Manchester, up ‘North, but with an urge to explore what the rest of world has to offer.
What do you do:
Go on hunts for ramshackle old books, magazines, postcards, tattered animal encyclopaedias and the like. I spend time with my little cat Zelda, searching for charming images to then form surreal patterns. I love to go on bike rides, adventures to parks and getting my hands muddy in the wilderness, which probably explains why i love getting my hands messy screenprinting and painting. I have also constructed my own screenprinting studio in my basement, which I am humbly proud of.
How did you start:
As a young one I always felt the need to collect things; bric-a-brac, old tat, tacky ornaments, teddies, nice looking twigs, leaves etc. I used to go with my grandparents to car boot sales to find things to add to my ever-expanding collection. I filled draws; shelves and walls full of old tat. I always wanted something stimulating to look at, whilst daydreaming away in my room for hours on end. This hasn’t changed; my room still looks like an overrun emporium of commodities. I think my work reflects this compulsion to hoard things that I have always had.
A Personal statement about you or your work: 
I feel my work is in its development stage, and needs some tweaking and adapting still. The general path it has been taking satisfies me, I want my work to be fresh and exiting, and for people to interpret their own story into my piece’s. I feel my work is flourishing in wallpaper designs and textile patterns, and this is what I really have a passion for. When I finish a collage and then repeat that over and over, my work finally blooms. I love the bringing in age-old mysterious elements, and combining those with a cosmic style. By bringing together found imagery, which already have many stories to tell, I feel I am creating a new story, and adding to the many layers.

14 Jul 2012

News: The Picture Show

It's time now for a bit of exciting exhibition news so please, take a gander at the exciting and fresh work of ten great up and coming illustrators including IR contributors! Support them and lace up your trainers straighten the glasses and put on your least ironic jacket for a great show at a sweet gallery. In their own words it's The Picture Show!  

The Picture Show
Illustration Showcase 15 – 21 July 2012
Private View Tuesday 17 July 2012 6-9pm

10 emerging illustrators present a selection of new artworks at the Coningsby Gallery in central London for one week in July. The exhibition showcases young UK talent working across a range of media including painting, textiles and digital art. The group’s diverse influences and inspirations are reflected in the eclectic array of styles and subjects on show. The exhibition is sponsored by Barefoot Wines. Original artworks and prints are available to purchase.

Gallery Details:The Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham St, London, W1T 4RJ
Open 10-6 every day
Free Entry

Contact Details:contactpictureshow@gmail.com

Participating Artists:Jo Cheung’s work explores surreal and dreamlike landscapes, which are loosely based around memories. She is inspired by nature, everyday experiences and places around London. She was listed in Wallpaper* magazine’s 2010 graduate directory, and her work has been featured in Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration, Flamingo Magazine, and the Great Big Book of Fashion Illustration. www.jocheung.com

Chetan Kumar’s work has been published in educational textbooks, and he has been featured in the 'new talent' section of the Association of Illustrators'-Images 34: Best of British Illustration. He was also commissioned to design a hoarding that was installed near London’s world famous Leicester Square. He goes by the pseudonym Cheism, which is inspired by his extensive traveling around the world as well as his interest in visiting places he has never been to. www.cheism.com

Kyle Maclennan runs Headon Art, which specialises in creating hand painted pop art canvases of cult and iconic figures. These bold and vibrant paintings would complement the décor of any home, office, pub, club or restaurant.  Currently based in the Scottish Highlands, his paintings can be found as far afield as Australia & America.  Previous commissions include work for the likes of SOMA Records founders & DJs SLAM.  www.headonart.com

Kellie Black is a designer and freelance illustrator. Her work has been exhibited at P3 (Baker Street, London) Munny Show (APW Gallery, New York) and at the AOI ‘Images 34’ exhibition at London College of Communications. Her latest collection reveals her own reverence for the quintessentially British eccentric and pays homage to her subjects with portraits including the likes of Stephen Fry, Terry Wogan and The Queen Mother. www.pearlgreyillustration.com

Emily Bakes is a London based Illustrator, who paints contemporary portraits with a surreal twist. She is interested in interpreting characters and telling stories. Emily has produced work for The Croquet Gazette, Nails Inc, and IN magazine. She is exhibiting a series of paintings depicting popular musicians as various fruits. www.emilybakesart.com

Amber Dickinson is an Illustrator and Digital textile designer, who playfully explores dark and edgy themes, incorporating traditional and digital methods of illustration with personal inspiration to create unique effects. Amber has designed prints for various up and coming fashion designers and is currently working on her bespoke textile and silk scarf label 'Wyart'. The new S/S Wyart collection 'Hold Your Breath' will be exhibited at The Picture Show. www.wyartdesign.com

Emma Cowley's formative years were spent in leafy Leicestershire, where she developed her continuing interest in animals and the natural world.  Though she now lives and works in London, a nature lover can still find sources of inspiration in the city, sometimes in surprising places.  Her work is inspired by British wildlife and its associated rural traditions, food, history and folklore. www.emmacowley.com

Vinesh Shah’s work explores the relationship between Type and Image. He enjoys producing work using a multi-disciplined approach, be it hand rendered or digital. He has exhibited at the Old Sweet Shop Gallery, interned at The London Print Studio as a Digital Studio assistant and currently works as a full time Runner at Stinkdigital - a Digital Production Company. During his time at Stinkdigital, Vinesh has enhanced his skills in motion design, which has led to a commission to co-create a short animation. www.mytwopages.com

Chrissy Wallace enjoyed recent success with her solo exhibition at The Modern Pantry and a collaborative exhibition at the The Curious Duke Gallery. For this series of work, she has continued to explore hallucinatory scenes and characters, using strong imagery and fine detail. She likes to clash traditional drawing techniques with graphic shapes and vivid colour.  She engages the viewer by producing work that draws them into the landscape of her mind's eye. www.chrissywallace.co.uk

June Chanpoomidole is a freelance Illustrator and Artist with a love for painting. She loves to draw figures, to tell stories in her images with a vibrant, ethereal colour palette and invoke a pleasant feeling within the viewer. Her inspirations come from observing mundane tasks, surrealist motifs and listening to people’s stories. Her work has been featured in “Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration”, Sketchbook Magazine and LA Fashion Snob. June is also exhibiting this year at The Curious Duke Gallery. www.junesees.com

6 Jul 2012

Album Cover Rally No.30

Artist: Clueso
Album: An und für sich  

This rally is closed for submissions.

Album Cover Rally No.29

Artist: 800 Cherries

Artist: Kaki King
Album: Legs To Makes Us Longer 

Artist: Club 8 
Album: Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming

Artist: Paul McCartney 
Album: Chaos and Creation in the Backyard 

This rally is closed for submissions.

Album Cover Rally No.28

Artist: The Rolling Stones 

This rally is closed for submissions.