29 May 2012

Album Cover Rally No.3

Album: Everything Happens For A Reason


Presented by Brothers Of the Stripe and Get A Grip & The Custard Factory  
On the 2nd June 2012, an all day event. (12pm onwards) 
At The Custard Factory, Gibb Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B9 4AA

This is the first of 8 group exhibitions of original works by Brothers of The Stripe.
The show aims to bring together a mix of individual illustration styles & a unique visual take on imaginative rides via land and sea.

Originals, limited edition prints and more.

Brothers of The Stripe are Stephen Chan, Joel Millerchip, Kristian Jones, FiST, The Cloud Commission, Iain Sellar, Will Scobie, Mr The Beef and our new edition Patrick Schmidt.

At the opening there will be live drawing, live screen printing By GET A GRIP and live music (TBA).

Visit their facebook event page for more info.

14 May 2012

Open submission: Album Cover Rally

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of rallies and posts recently but we've got an exciting new rally ready for you. We'd like to ask you re-illustrate or re-design your favourite music albums! Maybe you can get inspirations from 60's classic album covers which many of them are beautifully hand drawn, or take a look at works of Peter SavilleStorm Thorgerson or Tom Hingston. We have selected a couple of albums for you to choose, they are all iconic but be original and please don't reuse the materials from the original albums. Feel free to pick one from the lists or draw your chosen albums.     


The Clash / London Calling

AIR / Moon Safari

The Band / Music from Big Pink

Submission Guidelines 
  • Keep square format! 72 dpi jpeg file please.
  • Please tell me which album and which artist you chose in your submission.
  • You can submit as many of your works as you like.
  • Your submissions don't need to be created for us, old work is welcome!
  • Send us your artist name and the links to your portfolio and SNS sites.
  • Send us your twitter name if you have one, so I can promote you on twitter effectively.
  • Deadline is 5PM Friday the 15th June.
  • Please send your work to illustrationrally@hotmail.co.uk with the title "Album cover Rally Submission"

Artist 140: Marian Boo

A nice big hello to our latest artist feature Marian Boo. Based in sunny Israel, Marian has a fun and quirky style that combines bright colour and vivid imagery with a real love of different media. Her work has a great sense of fun with a wide variety of subjects. She has a range of styles which shows a willingness to explore different ways of presenting her ideas and working methods which will give her the best chance of developing her work and strengthening her technique as she moves through her career. She has a strong inventive streak, full of ideas and ways of looking at the world, her use of colour is strong and this is where she is at her most successful, so I hope she continues to embrace her love of bright strong tones in the future. Wishing her the best in all she does we give you Marian Boo.

A Personal statement about you or your work: 
I'm an illustrator and an animator from Israel, and currently working on my final project in animation as an illustration student in the frontal communication department in Shenkar college of engineering and design in Israel. I've been drawing For as long as I can remember my self, and been an illustrator only feels natural to me. I never work in just one technique or format. I believe in the power of invention, and the need to experiment, and draw in any format comes my way. 

7 May 2012

Artist 139: Maria Herreros

We have another artist feature for you now, lucky for us we have the lovely Maria Herreros with her unique and characterful illustration. Maria started out at six with a mercurial instinct and a pocket full of crayons and her love of drawing has strengthened over time. She has a great and instantly recognisable style that not only showcases an epic talent for capturing the essence of her subject but also gives the viewer a great sense of life and animation. Her faces are expressive and have a real joy to their expression. She creates some great likenesses utilising obvious mechanical skill but she takes this and twists it through her own lens. She has a unique sense of composition that gives a great candid feel to her subjects backed up by her soft warm palettes. Maria brings us a distilled version of her subjects that have a wry gentle sense of fun and both compliment them and give the viewer a new perspective. We are really lucky to have her so please give Maria Herreros your support and check out her interview!

Who are you:
I am Maria herreros, an illustrator based in Valencia, Spain, but open to the whole world! 

What do you do:
Work my ass off as an illustrator.

How did you start:
When I was 6, I realised I had to to sell my work to my parents (business is business, no family there) so they would appreciate it, so I used a pseudonym, "Mariasso" (a mix between Maria and Picasso). They always bought them, but then, after a few days I used to find them stored in drawers. I took them out and sell them again (higher price), so I suppose, I started working as an illustrator at 6.

A Personal statement about you or your work: 
I am very open to any project or proposal that passionates me, when it is work. There is no frontier nor barrier for me, when it is doing what I do. Only thing I dont like about this profession is people not realising its a profession. Now I am preparing my first commissioned book, illustrating for publications, and exhibiting my work national and internationally.