27 Sept 2011

Children's book Rally: 28. Tanya Griffiths

Thomas and the Stolen Sunshine

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Children's book Rally: 27. Hollie McManus

The Little Bird

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Children's book Rally: 26. Stacie Swift

Mousie's Special Book of Seasonal Eating

Adventures of Angus

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Children's book Rally: 25. Abi Daker

A Guide to Stripydinosaurs

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23 Sept 2011

Artist 112: Stephanie Kubo

It's feature time now, and as usual we have a great artist for you guys now with the multifaceted Stephanie Kubo, hailing from the balmy climes of California Stephanie is the the driving force behind a range of working methods and styles that gives her a diverse but cogent portfolio that has her unique brand running through it. Whether it's her exquisitely detailed line art, her carefree but striking characters or her hand drawn typography there is a real sense her work has detail at it's heart. From her use of incredibly intricate worked patterns to her characters that distil the essence of a person with well chosen subtlety she has a way of knowing where to put a line to give the most value for money. With her "head dress" series she folds in her subtle efficient characters into her intense and detailed patterns, I think the real strength is in the ability to utilise a working practice that requires such care and intensity and it almost seems like a meditative act allowing her to keep her work distinct and create in a range of ways. It's great to see an illustrator who can branch out and still keep her body of work feeling distinct yet with her own stamp. So read on to find out a little more about her.

Who are you:
My name is Stephanie Kubo and I'm an illustrator living and working in Oakland, CA.

What do you do:
I make hand drawn illustrations with lots of pattern and linework, usually with little to no digital editing. Also, more recently I make hand drawn and carved/printed non-keyable fonts.

How did you start:
When I was little I used to copy cartoon drawings (Sailor Moon was a big one). As I got older it turned into copying photos, then drawing from life. In college i couldn't decide between graphic design and illustration, but illustration won in the end and it's just been snowballing since then.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I like to think of my work as two different animals of the same species. One is usually ink and/or limited color, dark-looking illustrations, and the other is abstract, obsessive and organic drawings. Both of these use intricate patterns and dense linework.
More recently, however, there is a quickly growing third animal; typography work. I'm looking forward to seeing how these will all work together!


Children's book Rally:19. Mikko Walamies

Finding Herman 
Short synopsis: Finding Herman is a Halloween story about Milo, a young boy and his pet bird Herman. On Halloween night, Herman escapes from his birdcage and is lost somewhere in the city. Milo sets out to find him and receives some unexpected help.

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Upstairs for Thinking, Downstairs for Dancing Review

Return of the Chip! Hello everyone, the sharp eyed among you will recognise the ice cool style of one of the best BW illustrators on the scene and realise that this is the first solo show of the fantastic Mr Millerchip. With some awesome eye popping work Mr Millerchip really hands it to the viewer with an experience that just pops with flavour and quirky sardonic style. Mr Millerchip is a great live artist and he backs this up with some serious chops in this, his first solo show by proving he is a real force to be reckoned with. Shows are great, but they are so much better with an atmosphere and tactile element. The whole show works really hard both aesthetically and also as a method for bringing the viewer into a crafted world. The kind of deliciously sweet satisfying props that a thousand trendy bars would kill for and a use of space that would make a trendy boutique cry with envy. Millerchip is the whole package and it's great to see his stand alone show providing such a good platform for him. Guaranteed to be a real star of the future Millerchip will be bringing you BW illos with a real grace and poise. An ace exhibition at the Pure Gallery it runs till the end of the month so if you're quick you can still get down there.