29 Aug 2012

Olympics and Paralympics Rally No.14

"Percy does the Olympic Hula"! 

Artist 143: Eddie Vegas

Artist feature time rolls round again like the thunder of an English summer's day and this time we delve in to the electric work of Eddie Vegas. Tattoo artist, Illustrator and all over creative dynamo, Vegas produces work that sits in that place between outsider art and Mexican day of the dead chic that is absolutely right on the money in terms of style. As the world crashes down around our ears inspiration shines out with an approachable beacon of easy to digest style wrapping a fiery brick of rich colour and evocative almost primal imagery that smashes into your frontal lobe devouring up the mediocre work and giving the viewer a scorpion bite full of venom and lasting meaning. Vegas has the style and the substance, and you can see in his work the life that it evokes, like an archaeological dig revealing graffiti influence, alt culture and house parties, that bring us to this point in time. His work is ace, no doubts about it and it's great to see the depth of ingenuity behind the "republic of Vegas" which is damn savvy in this uncertain age. As we lurch into the neo dark age Eddie Vegas should adorn your arms and your mind.

Who are you:
I am Eddie Vegas.

What do you do:
I am an illustrator, tattoo artist, and creative at “Republic of Vegas”, a family company solving Left Brain Dilemmas with Right Brain Solutions.

How did you start:
I have always cm wRN√£te about drawing and designing different artefacts, since I was a kid to be more specific, however, after studying engineering for 6 years, I decided to go back to my roots and start creating again, it’s been 6 years since I became a professional tattoo artist and today I used my artistic skills in different areas such as illustrating, graphic design and painting.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
My work is mainly the materialization of my philosophical and controversial points of views, I drive words into images, concepts into compositions. I believe we must express ourselves, whether is drawing or painting, sometimes language is not enough for passing on the divine message of inspiration, I love saying it in colors.