8 Oct 2010

Artist 30: Emma Cowley



A big shiny Illustration Rally welcome to the fabulous Emma Cowley! Emma serves us up delicious slices of British life  fantastically capturing the sights sounds, smells and tastes of gloriously English subjects. Her work is very warm and you can tell at a glance that it comes from deep observation and love of her subjects. Instantly it fosters nostalgia in all those that have stood baking cakes or making jam with mum watching robins in the garden. Wonderfully sweet, her work is a real spirit lifter and her delicate yet firm style re-enforces the sense of belonging her work evokes, and gives her work memorability. Its definitely possible to see the makings of the girl in her work and its this that gives it a real sense of heart  which can only be a good thing! Read about her here!

Who are you: 
I'm an illustrator!  I'm also a self-confessed foodie and animal lover, which you can probably tell by my work.

What do you do
I usually start with a pencil drawing and then either polish it up and fill in the colour with water colour paint, or use the drawing as a guide for a gouache painting.  When I'm not doing my illustration work I like to cook, play video games, research new recipes, do a little sewing, watch crappy TV, or fantasize about all the gorgeous clothes I would buy if I had all the money in the world!

How did you start:
I remember considering illustration as a career as early as infant school.  Even at that age I was certain that I wanted to make pictures for books, rather than 'art'.  Beatrix Potter books were an important early influence, with her reverence for the natural world and close attention to detail.  I still wish I could draw as beautifully as her!

A Personal statement about you or your work:
Many of my fondest childhood memories include helping my mum cook while we watch the birds in the garden, walking the family dog at the woods, eating freshly picked hazelnuts at the park... these interactions with the outdoors are what make me love the nature of the British Isles, despite so many people saying they hate the rain and cold in this country!  So it's often British plants and animals that turn up in my work, as these are the ones that have the most personal associations for me.  I've spent the last little while flirting with different styles or media, so right now I want to focus on really getting 'my' way of working nailed down.

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  1. The red robin is most definitely rocking. Love the idea of using stamps for the red puffy chest. Emma Cowley is a shiny bright button!