25 Oct 2010

Artist 36: Kayleigh Bluck

It's Kayleigh Bluck! A great find and a real talent Kayleigh is evolving her style but there are already the signs of a tender consideration of the natural world and some very keen observational drawing. Kayleigh has a gentle and light style that seems to float in front of the eye and the image seems to fizz at the edges as if unravelling before your eyes, the animals seem very much alive through both the detail and the rendering. The calm and gentle animals are sweetly drawn and the images draw you closer and give of a vibrancy that adds to the sense of weight and movement. A growing talent, find out about her here! 

Who are you:
Well, my name is Kayleigh Bluck - or 'IllustratingKay' over on twitter, etsy and folksy. I'm from Northampton, where I graduated from the university in July with first class Honours.

What do you do:
Twenty hours of my week are spent being a sales advisor in retail, and the rest of my time I am an illustrator - the job I would love to do full-time. As I have only recently graduated I'm simply trying to gain exposure, speak to like-minded creatives, take part in collaborative projects, and blog about my work at love 2 illustrate.

How did you start:
I've studied art throughout my entire education - progressing from GCSE to A-level, then on to a Foundation course. My tutor on Foundation suggested I look at doing a degree in illustration or theatre design. I looked further in to these areas of study and found illustration to be something I had actually always wanted to do since childhood (except I never knew the name for it back then!) I moved on to my degree and now here I am as a post graduate!

A Personal statement about you or your work: 
I enjoy experimenting with different materials, techniques, and mark-making, and love to combine those that work best for me together. Particular favourites I like to use are watercolours, coloured pencils, and felt-tip pens. I feel that most of the time my representation of subject matter is realistic, however I like to combine contrasting ideas to create images that may be considered surreal such as my rainbow animal series and my submission to the 'If I Was You' project. I certainly feel that my style is by no means final, and I'm happy for my illustrations to evolve with me as an individual.


  1. I adore your panda and elephant Kayleigh! there's nothing like a freshly sharpened coloured pencil.

  2. Thank you :) and thanks to Illustration Rally for the wonderful feature! I really do appreciate it.

  3. yey! this is lovely Kayleigh, you're work is beautiful. The purple elephant is still my fave but it's right good to see the tea cup has made it on here too! >_< well done love! x x