30 Oct 2010

Artist 38: Emma Fitzgerald

Another wonderful artist to feature today, Emma Fitzgerald. Award winning animator,director and illustrator Emma has moved back into the sphere of illustration and what a treat it is! Collage is her primary modus operandi, and she uses it to devastating effect. Cool clear lines sharply designate beautifully considered soft colour. Her work is a fine balance of composition and though I hate to use the phrase her work really does "pop" she is the master of her medium with her smooth coffee skies at once mysterious and mournful but she can inject a wry twist and this dexterity is her trademark. She floats between disciplines but she does have that special attention to movement and placement that marks her out as an animator and its this what seems to give her work a delicate pathos. Its really nice to see collage that is refreshing and cleansing to the eye and her work feels like a glass of cold water after a hot bath. We love her you should too, read a little about her here!

Who are you:
I am an Illustrator/ Animator living in London, making collage Illustrations and Stop Motion Animations. I have a degree in Illustration, where I first tried and loved animation.

What do you do:
I was nominated for a D & AD Award for my animation, then went on to do an internship with Tigerprint (card company that designs for Marks & Spencer) and worked Freelance for them. I have also directed and animated music videos, illustrated for magazines, animated for theatre projections, and also interned with fantastic animation director, Andrew Gibbs. Most recently I have moved back towards illustration, making collage pieces, in and out of the computer, and recently exhibited some of these pieces in London. I have also had my animations 'The train' and 'Ghosts' exhibited, the latter in my current favourite venue, East London's Wilton's Music Hall.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
To describe my work to people I would say it is paper, found imagery, subdued colour palette, old photographs, things folding, moving collage, a little bit Monty Python, a little bit Lotte Reiniger, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, sometimes neither, always time consuming, usually a labour of love, rarely drawn.

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