20 Jul 2012

Artist 142: Paulina Suarez Vazquez

Hot on the heels of our last artist feature we have another great illustrator now with the wonderfully fantastical work of Paulina Suarez Vasquez. Paulina produces some excellent light touch illustrations with a great line quality and imaginative subjects. A Roald Dahl like quality gives her work a gentleness of tone despite the intense fantasy subjects. Her work is highly successful due to great choices in palette that give a depth to her mythical subjects and also a transparent quality that gives her work a real otherness that setting her apart from the rest. Paulina creates great fantasy scenes and her style is definitely both strong and memorable. It is great to see that not only does she have a good eye for composition but her mechanical skill with drawing is also strong enough to bend the rules but keep her work cogent and legible. She does have a really bright future ahead of her and with such an individual style I'm sure she will go from strength to strength. It's a real pleasure to introduce Paulina Suarez Vazquez!

Who are you:
Born and raised in México, I am a restless artist and travel addict. I am surely obsessed with drawing and I like to party from now and then.

What do you do:
Currently I am a freelance illustrator who keeps on exploring mediums and techniques (mostly printmaking)

Personal statement:
Ever since I was a kid I couldn’t help the urgent impulse to recreate and draw all I saw, whether it was nature, cartoon characters, animals or abstract shapes. The works that I produce are a blueprint of my mind and thought process. The topics I represent in my artwork are based off nature, a pure recollection of all the things I’ve seen filtered through the lense of a fantastic Universe. The artwork I have developed focuses on a friendly style combined with a colorful language and endless imagination.



  1. Thank you for the introduction Natsuki! I appreciate it! ^__^

  2. Amazing work! Imaginative and inspiring. One to watch!