11 Apr 2013

Artist 148: Masha Manapov

Next illustrator up, and we have now the super talented and brilliantly alliterative Masha Manapov. based in sunny Tel Aviv Masha's work has an instant likeability that stems from it's excellent construction. Masha has a great eye for composition and a focused approach that creates a well rounded and visually satisfying image. She puts just enough to tell the story without being sparse and at the same time her work is rich but never over complicated or contrived. Her work both exudes clarity of vision and marries together found elements without resorting to the standard vintage kitsch that is so prevalent. Her work is like a breath of cool air, refreshingly different but with a chilling edge that becomes more apparent as you stay longer as the viewer. Very technically accomplished and one that will surely find her place with her distinct yet saleable style. So with the best of wishes for all she does, and no more faff from me it's Masha Manapov.

Who are you:
I am Masha Manapov. Designer and illustrator currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

What do you do:
Graduated from the Bazalel Academy of Art and Design with a major in illustration (BA 2009) my work focuses mainly on editorial illustration for the press. Recently I finished working on my first children's book that will be published soon. I also participated in a group exhibition and in a collaborative project that produced an illustrated booklet.

In the near future I would like to focus on self initiated projects with social and environmental character.

How did you start:
As many others, I started drawing at a very young age but as a very pragmatic person, I've never considered to make a profession of it. When I had the urge to express myself I translated it into words, photography and artistic paintings. Only at my senior year at university, I started to use illustration as a tool and to see everything in pictures. After graduation and a one year cooling period I made a portfolio and started working.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I believe that the visual always needs to be more than just a decoration, therefore for me an idea is always a starting point. I work in a collage technique because I love to "glue" different objects and ideas together; there is always a great discovery. I use dreamy and surreal elements to talk about daily and relevant issues and try not to take myself too seriously.


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